• Reiki Level-2 Certification
    with Panna Kapruwan
    Available Packages:
    $200.00Reiki Level-2 Certification (2021-10-30 | 2021-10-30)

    Level Two Training Includes;

    •  Review / Question & Answer from level one practice
    • Introduction to the three Reiki symbols; including tradition names, meaning and how to use each symbol to enhance the flow of Reiki energy
    • Drawing practice of the symbols
    • Practice treatments using the symbols
    • Introduction to distant Reiki
    • Practice treatments using distant Reiki
    • Instruction on how to use the symbols to clear the energy of a physical space, objects, food or a relationship
    • 2 level two attunements – A different attunement from level one. This attunement is specifically used to open the heart chakra, empower the symbols for your use and further develop your connection to the Reiki energy.