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Rupa Patel

Rupa Patel is a registered RYT 500 yoga teacher and level two reiki practioner.  Rupa's flow is inspired by her love of being able to connect with people's vibrations, the blessings of mother nature's beauty and her ability to see the light in everything. Her classes are filled with compassion, breath control, tension release within the body. She loves the practice of Hatha yoga where she likes to incorporate strength building, the natural flow of creativity and relaxation to cease students into reconnecting with their inner selves. Rupa simply wants to be able to give back to the community, seniors, adults and children creating positive healthy lifestyles and mental wellbeing. Life is a beautiful journey so enjoy your process to self-enlightenment!  Om shanti! 

My Schedule
10 Saturday
05:00 PM
Kids Yoga (non heated)
with Rupa Patel
1 hour
This class is meant for the kids between the age of 5 years to 12 years. Class would consists of gentle movements of yoga, breathing techniques and little bit of meditation as well. yoga practice is considered to be very beneficial for the physical , mental and emotional health for the kids.
11 Sunday
Nothing yet
12 Monday
Nothing yet
13 Tuesday
Nothing yet
14 Wednesday
Nothing yet
15 Thursday
Nothing yet
16 Friday
Nothing yet